Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kaisei Art Show Photos

Thomas P. Kelly Student Art Gallery at LMU

Kaisei Art Show

Tangled. Steel wire and plastic pieces

Day 8: Gooseneck Barnacles Attached to Ghostnets Retrieved by Skiff. First Retrieval of Nets by Skiff Today. Ink on Paper.

Day 14:  Fish in Jar. Ink on Paper

Day 21: Heading into San Diego. Five hours outside the port, seeing naval ships. Ink on paper

One Hand for the Boat. Acrylic on canvas panel
Warning Lights. Acrylic on canvas

On the Bridge. Acrylic on canvas

Portholes. Acrylic and canvas

Keys to Land. Acrylic and canvas

Mermaid Casualties. Steel wire, fabric and trash bags

I Can Stop Anytime I Want. Clay, steel wire, plastic bottles and acrylic

C'mon Darling. Have a Little More. Steel wire and plastic pieces.
Angle 2

Reflejos. Mirror and magazine pages