Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creeping Hard on BART

In an attempt to keep up with art after graduation, I've become a huge creeper. My 20-minute-each-way commute to work on public transportation has become my art class and the strangers who are unfortunate enough to be in the same BART car with me, my live models.

Here's some of my pre/post-work sketches from the last month:

Things I have learned from this exercise:
1. You can get a lot done working 40 minutes a day
2. Sleeping people are the best
3. The people who stay still enough to draw don't get too interesting


  1. Wow did you see that sailing ship from the BART?

  2. Haha. No, unfortunately. I was on a bus that went right by Hyde Street Pier where there are some tall ships docked. And there was a lot of traffic so I took some creative liberties.

  3. 1. this title entry is so you: interesting and witty because let's face it, everybody who rides the train creeps on everybody else riding it, too.
    2. i find this post as a whole to be very thoughtful for different reasons: you've shown dedication to being an artist even if it's just 40 minutes on a sketchpad; finding ways to do some artwork through daily measures of life...but you've also portrayed strangers you've seen, whether it's the back of their heads or contouring the bend in their leg as they perch on a car in a very intimate way. how can outlining someone's fingers as they read the newspaper and staring at the way the strands of his hair falls be intimate? maybe it's because you are studying him, and in some way desiring to understand and perceive their outer form; that's the intimacy right there. perhaps.