Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RUMPUS illustrations for a story called "After a Fashion" by Lad Tobin. The most entertaining writing I've read about fashion...ever, probably. I don't tend to read about fashion. Unless the writing is written by Tim Gunn. But I feel like if it is written by Tim Gunn, the writing is probably less about fashion and more using fashion as a tool for helping you find yourself, or encouraging you to "make it work." :) Ah Tim.

I digress. Here is the link to the essay and my illustrations:

And in case you're lazy, here are the images:

Confident, Urbane Adult! Gouache and Ink.

What to wear...? Ink.

One step closer to Me. Gouache and Ink.


  1. I so love you work. Trying now to put a few fashionable books on hangers around here.

    1. Haha Thanks Tim!!! :) Also, I love that you have a Lady Gaga concert shirt that you actually wear- AWESOME.

  2. and, my go-to clothing now is the t-shirt I bought at the Lady Gaga concert