Sunday, December 8, 2013

I haven't posted in forever! Just tonight, as I work on the latest illustrations for the yet-to-be-published, will-be-published-on-Tuesdsay, Funny Women column, did I realize I hadn't posted the past two Funny Women illustrations. So this post is a long one. Get ready.

At the end of October I illustrated Funny Women #109, Reader Comments ( After googling, to see what it was, I started illustrating, and ended up with these:

UN-AMERICAN PEPPERS! Gouache and ink.

The Introspective Recipe. Gouache and ink.

Next in mid-November was Funny Women #110: Ten Billion Tips to Becoming a Better Writer, which was a delightful read and made me laugh out loud several times (

Write!1!! Gouache and ink.

Sometime in the next two weeks I will post the Funny Women illustrations I'm wrapping up tonight. Though I am very much enjoying being the illustrator for this column (an entire column to myself!), the content tends to be different than the regular Rumpus content, and I miss illustrating the heartfelt, raw, honest content that is found on the main Rumpus page. In a time when irony and cynicism are trendy, I think there's something special about the authors who show up willing to be vulnerable and sincere on that page.

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