Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Totally slacking...

Here are the Rumpus illustrations from the past 2.5 months...

More to come over the next few weeks, but for NOW the big news is that I have a show coming up! One just passed, which was part of the reason for my absence on this platform, but the other will be in 3 weeks...which will account for my likely absence on this blog after the zeal of tonight.

More info on the show soon though!

Until then...enjoy- Funny Women illustrations:

Craigslist Formal Encounters

The Lady Writer's Guide to a Successful Sex Change

(The original version of this top drawing involved genitalia...but APPARENTLY that is discouraged on the Rumpus...good to know)

How's That Barnard Thing Working out for You

I HATED this one...which was possibly the author's intent- to annoy people like me. It may have been satire. I couldn't tell if that was her intent. It's interesting how some things are harder to convey over a written format. And if it was intended to be satire, is it ineffective if I didn't get it? What was her angle? I'm very curious. I'll probably email her when I get some down time to discuss the piece with her because I want to know. It definitely got me thinking though about how an author's intent plays into the interpretation of art. As I was reading it, I trying to figure out her angle in order to interpret that piece "correctly." But shouldn't it not matter? I don't know.

Welcome to Your Wonderful Engagement Photo Shoot

I LOVED this essay and highly recommend you read it. 

Why Jeannie Drank, A Colloquium

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