Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's been a while since last posting. A LONG WHILE. But part of that is because I have been working on a new website that will serve as my online portfolio.

My new website link is and is going "live" tonight. Yay! I hope to use this portfolio to apply for additional illustration gigs and to share finished/polished work. I am going to continue to use this blog to post works-in-progress, musings, and other blog-like things though and am excited to stop neglecting it.

In that vein musings-  I have been really enjoying Austin Kleon's blog lately ( He has great advice for artists/creatives/people in general and I've been finding a bunch of interesting podcasts and links in his blog. If you're going to go down the rabbit hole of the internet, you might as well do it through this blog. It'll be worth it. Or it will inspire you to stop rabbit-holing and to get to work, so a win-win.